About  Us

DSTCo. transports local products to nearby harbor towns by sail, providing a carbon neutral transport alternative to local merchants. We are revitalizing trade routes between communities uniquely connected by water.

DSTCo. can transport any local or regional product that needs to go up, down or across Grand Traverse or Little Traverse Bay. We can also transport up and down the western shore of Lake Michigan.  We do regularly scheduled deliveries or we can do one time transport. We deliver to markets, stores and restaurants in nearby harbor towns.

Dragonfly Sail Transport  Co.



DSTCo. is a locally owned business. We are committed to exploring sustainable solutions for our future and promoting resilience within our  communities.  We are partnering with local merchants and vendors, farmers and business owners as we rethink and explore new ways in which we can transport local products throughout the region.  Sail transport draws upon renewable energy sources and moves us away from reliance on petroleum products.